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Apetizer & Soup

lumpia35 k

Vegetable spring roll,sweet chili sauce,chili soya

tahu gejrot35 k

Tofu with tamarind dressing

tahu uyah tabia35 k

Tofu with salth and chili

Tahu Tempe Goreng35 k

fried tofu & tempe

Chicken wing40 k

fried chicken wings with honey and black peper

Sausages Nugget45 k

chicken saussages,nugget

Sausages corndog40 k

corndog with chicken sausage

Bakso Ayam40 k

chicken meatball with noodle

Soto ayam55 k

traditional dish wich uses ingredients such as chicken ,noddles,boiled egg and rice vermicili and tumeric yellow chicken broth

Main course

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